İTÜ Department of Mathematics Engineering


Our Mathematical Engineering Undergraduate Program aims to train highly competent engineers who are highly skilled in using their mathematics and engineering knowledge in their disciplinary fields. In addition, they will have the knowledge, skills and imagination to find solutions to the real and complex problems arising in today’s technological world.

With their strong mathematical and engineering background, our graduates are able to adapt to the rapid technological and scientific changes of our age. They will be able to work as engineers in key technological fields as diverse as mathematics, engineering, coding, design analysis and artificial intelligence, as well as finance-banking, data science, medicine, and biomedical science.

Department of Mathematical Engineering graduates work in national and international companies that require the highest levels of skill in software development, along with mathematical modeling, data analysis, automation analysis, software and similar technologies.

Detailed answers to questions like What is mathematical engineering? and What is it used for? are provided on our webpage CANDIDATES section.

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