Graduate Courses

Compulsory Courses

Code Course Name Language Semester
MAT501E Differential Equations I English Fall
MAT502 Real Analysis I Turkish Spring
MAT505E Numerical Analysis I English Fall
MAT509E Algebra I English Fall
MAT511E Differential Geometry I English Fall
MAT512/MAT512E Partial Differential Equations I Turkish/English Spring
MAT557/MAT557E Numerical Partial Differential Equations I Turkish/English Spring
MAT559/MAT559E Applied Functional Analysis Turkish Fall
MAT596/MAT596E Seminar Turkish/English Fall/Spring
MAT597/MAT597E Specialization Field Course Turkish/English Fall/Spring
MAT696/MAT696E Seminar English Fall/Spring
MAT697/MAT697E Specialization Field Course Turkish/English Fall/Spring

Elective Courses

Code Course Name
MAT503/MAT503E Integral Equations
MAT504/MAT504E Complex Analysis
MAT506/MAT506E Numerical Linear Algebra
MAT507/MAT507E Special Functions
MAT508/MAT508E Integration on Manifolds
MAT510/MAT510E Asymptotic Analysis
MAT544/MAT544E Numerical Analysis for Ordinary Differential Equations
MAT545/MAT545E *Special Topics in Mathematical Engineering
MAT547/MAT547E Probability Theory
MAT549/MAT549E Statistical Modeing and Regression Analysis
MAT551/MAT551E Computational Algebra
MAT553/MAT553E Computational Methods for Fundamental Sciences
MAT555/MAT555E Statistical Data Analysis for Computational Sciences
MAT602/MAT602E Numerical Analysis II
MAT603/MAT603E Differential Topology
MAT604/MAT604E Differential Equations II
MAT605/MAT605E Topology
MAT606/MAT606E Algebraic Topology
MAT607/MAT607E Ring Theory
MAT608/MAT608E Algebra II
MAT609/MAT609E Real Analysis II
MAT610/MAT610E Differential Geometry II
MAT611/MAT611E Partial Differential Equations II
MAT612/MAT612E Theory of Operators
MAT613/MAT613E Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
MAT614/MAT614E Number Theory
MAT616/MAT616E Introduction to Lie Group Analysis of Differential Equations
MAT617/MAT617E Mathematical Optimal Control Theory I
MAT618/MAT618E Mathematical Optimal Control Theory II
MAT619/MAT619E Harmonic Analysis I
MAT620/MAT620E Harmonic Analysis II
MAT622/MAT622E Chaos and Dynamical Systems
MAT625/MAT625E Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
MAT626/MAT626E Perturbation Methods
MAT628/MAT628E Complex Geometry
MAT629/MAT629E Continuum Mechanics
MAT631/MAT631E Linear Boundary Value Problems
MAT632/MAT632E Homological Algebra
MAT633/MAT633E Semi Riemennian Geometry
MAT635/MAT635E Numerical Methods for Wave Propagation
MAT637/MAT637E *Advanced Topics in Mathematical Engineering
MAT639/MAT639E Representation Theory of Finite Groups
MAT641/MAT641E Wave Motion I-Linear Waves
MAT642/MAT642E Wave Motion II-Nonlinear Waves
MAT644/MAT644E Finite Volume Methods I

* : It will be announced at the beginning of the semester by the lecturer who offers the course.